Reduce costs for your customers’ IT environment with Windows Virtual Desktop and Microsoft Azure

With the significant adoption of Cloud Computing by enterprises, desktop virtualization, which was a complex and expensive service, has actually become increasingly more available to SMBs thanks to services called DaaS (Desktop as a service). Windows Virtual Desktop is the DaaS option from Microsoft that is now viewed as the most effective. How can you take advantage of this deal to help your customers make real savings on their IT environment?

What is Windows Virtual Desktop?
Windows Virtual Desktop is a desktop virtualization service offered on Microsoft's Azure platform. This service allows the virtualization of the desktop and Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows Server applications, Microsoft 365 however likewise services from third-party suppliers by running them in Azure virtual makers.

Who is Windows Virtual Desktop for?
Windows Virtual Desktop is a service that is appropriate for all types (all industries) and sizes of companies (small structures with a couple of workers to big companies with thousands of workers). In addition, it is really ideal for the remote working mode that has ended up being necessary during this pandemic, and which will be embraced on an irreversible basis by lots of companies for all or some of their workers.

It is also especially useful for business that:

  • Work with external specialists.
  • Have workstations with outdated os or no longer have the hardware capability to run applications that are progressively requiring CPU and RAM power.
  • Have various needs per staff member in regards to computer system workstations forcing them to keep a heterogeneous IT environment.
  • Are continuously evolving and require a versatile and scalable service.
  • Required to secure their laptop computers and desktops.

How does Windows Virtual Desktop help in reducing IT facilities expenses?
There are several ways to conserve money by choosing Windows Virtual Desktop. Here are a couple of examples:

  • When a business purchases workstations, they can and probably will become obsolete after two or three years. With Windows Virtual Desktop, they can continue to utilize them for longer considering that the applications operate on Azure. The Azure platform does not age and is constantly up to date.
  • Organizations no longer require to buy effective workstations. With Windows Virtual Desktop, all processing power is managed by Azure rather than by the workstation.
  • For businesses that have various needs depending upon the nature of the work of the employees, Windows Virtual Desktop permits them to no longer need to preserve a heterogeneous IT environment. This results in a reduction in maintenance and management costs.
  • For companies with staff members working from another location, they no longer require to invest in a VPN solution. With Windows Virtual Desktop, all they need is Internet access.
  • Onboarding a new staff member is faster and more effective. Adding a brand-new user to Windows Virtual Desktop is simply a couple of clicks away and no more installing applications on the employee's desktop. This saves time and for that reason expenses.
  • Windows Virtual Desktop helps businesses increase efficiency. Take the example of an employee who is traveling and needs to take part in a job. He can be just as productive being in an airport lounge waiting for his flight to take off as he can be at his office computer system. The physical computer itself is no longer crucial since workers can perform their tasks from anywhere.
  • Working in Azure is safe. Data and applications are hosted in Microsoft's information centers, which are among the most safe and secure in the world. Security functions built into Windows Virtual Desktop have the ability to proactively spot dangers and take restorative action.
  • Whatever is managed centrally in the cloud, minimizing IT management costs.

Desktop virtualization is inevitable. It's time for you to consider Windows Virtual Desktop for your consumers. It is a solution that stands out for greater flexibility, a much better user experience, streamlined management, and lowered costs.

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